Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good Day

Today was good. On an avrage of 1-10 10 being the highest and 1 bein the lowest, it was honestly... a 6... I wrote some of my book today and started on anoter little crafty short book also. Edited a poem of mine and got feedback on all of my work too. She said that it was good (my books was) and that my poem was really deep. But you know, it's how I felt. And no one can fuckin' change what I feel. So, it's 'bout 11:20p.m. here and I'm still awake. You guys might be like, "Why the heck is she up blogging?!" well for all of you people, - yes this ones for you, - I can't go to sleep. So right now I'm talking to my friend on AIM the same one that gave me feedback on the things I wrote. So... I'm gonna go now and watch somethin on the telly so... Bye. And don't fall out of your bed!

p.s. I have this really weird habit of keep putting 3 dots (...) instead of just one or just a comma. So comment below and tell me your weird habbit or if you don't have a weird habbit then tell me the weirdest habbit you've heard of. K thanks bye.

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